Here at 1623 Farnam we’re big on cloud solutions. As new cloud data centers abound, shortcuts to the cloud are becoming more important than ever, and 1623 Farnam’s numerous cloud on-ramps can provide customers with the cloud solution they are looking for. Todd Cushing, president of 1623 Farnam, had the chance to sit down with JSA TV to discuss how our prime location enmeshes so well with our cloud solution offerings. For him, it’s about the prevalence of hyperscale in the area. Take Google, for instance.

“There’s a lot of hyperscale in Omaha. Google had two facilities in Council Bluffs, about three miles away from us. They’re building another facility seven miles south and west of us, and another facility 50 miles to the west of us on 560 acres. All of this has been announced.” For Cushing, this means 1623 Farnam is situated perfectly for those looking to connect to such an important cloud infrastructure. “We have the Google on-ramp as part of that experience in our facility, native,” he says, “And people like to take advantage of that.” And it’s not just Google. “Hyperscalers such as Facebook and others, are in the metro area, and they’re in our facility.” Cushing continues, “Typically their vendors and their partners are in our facility to be on their network, but not in their facilities.” For cloud providers, carriers, fiber and wireless network providers looking for connectivity, X marks the spot in Omaha, on Farnam street to be specific.

Looking ahead, what can you expect from 1623 Farnam in the future? According to Cushing, a focus on certifications and processes: “Certifications will continue. We are ISO, PCI, SOC compliant, but we’ll continue to develop our processes and our certifications this year.” For Cushing, this means “more interconnection, more pairing, more ecosystem building.” That’s what it’s all about.