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New Peers, New Opportunities: A Peek into the IX Ecosystem


Since the dawn of the internet’s astounding connection capabilities, the world has opened up in new and previously unimaginable ways, paving new inroads for innovation and collaboration. Yet, since the advent of this world wide web, it’s had its foibles too. Yes, the internet and the connectivity that creates it is full of eccentricities (and in worse cases, pitfalls) that seem to intensify as demands on connections grow. A perfect digital world is unattainable — but what is the closest you can get to having control in an unpredictable world? How close can an organization get to perfect interconnection?   We think it’s safe to say that for those ideal outcomes, [...]

New Peers, New Opportunities: A Peek into the IX Ecosystem2024-04-30T09:59:16-05:00

Simplicity with Hybrid Multiclouds


Digital transformation is all about a better user experience. New applications, new platforms, network expansions for faster connectivity, and so much more are all part of today’s IT business operations. Even as digital transformation grows and transforms, there’s another factor that’s come into play: more simplicity. But it’s more than wanting “more;” organizations are also looking for less stress. When IT demands are higher than ever, companies are looking to increase their value via technology. Aligning complex systems with a holistic model that aligns all disparate aspects, makes the entire process easier to manage. Hybrid and multicloud solutions are the frontier of digital transformation and cloud computing. Between greater control [...]

Simplicity with Hybrid Multiclouds2021-11-23T12:55:46-06:00

The Digital Map for Data Gravity


With all of the tech advancements and applications that are a part of our global digital economy, it's no surprise that data gravity is reaching astronomical levels. A good example is the Internet of Things (IoT) with applications such as wearables, health monitors and smart grids. It’s essential that the data needed to support those use cases is hosted very close to where the data is generated and stored. New frameworks are needed that cater to an IoT-driven world, and as such a lot of that data gravity has been moving to the cloud.  Whether its a single cloud, multicloud or hybrid cloud solution, the cloud solves for key application [...]

The Digital Map for Data Gravity2021-10-14T12:39:17-05:00

1623 Farnam Announces Data Center Expansion Grand Opening


The $40 Million Expansion Focuses on Increased Power and Capacity;  A Celebration and Sweeping Panel Presentation Accompanies Data Center Debut  Omaha, NE – September 22, 2021 – 1623 Farnam, a regional leader in network-neutral, edge interconnection and data center services, announces the grand opening of its expanded edge data center in Omaha, Nebraska. The $40 million expansion includes significant upgrades to the facility’s electrical power infrastructure and increases colocation capacity by converting this fiber-rich carrier hotel into usable, high quality data center space. In association with the expansion, a grand opening event on September 23, 2021 will feature tours of the facility, a cocktail reception and a question and answer [...]

1623 Farnam Announces Data Center Expansion Grand Opening2021-09-22T08:23:50-05:00

The Next Edge Frontier


Once, taking workloads to the edge was considered the new frontier of IT advantage — a wild west where only the bold and pioneering set up camp. Now that adoption has ramped up as the benefits of edge computing are more well known, the question becomes: If everyone is doing it, is there really anything left to talk about? Definitely. Without a doubt. IT demands are making edge computing even more important than ever for all of the right reasons. Ultra low latency, improved network performance are all in service of the new era of digital initiatives.  While it may be becoming the standard, it doesn’t mean it’s any less [...]

The Next Edge Frontier2021-08-24T09:55:59-05:00

Guiding a Sea Change in the Pursuit of Green Data


Working towards a green future is an important movement happening across the globe. As data centers continue to serve as the home to the internet and the infrastructure that supports it, they only become more essential in the global communications green equation. So, it makes sense that we are seeing a growing trend for data centers to do their part in ‘greening up’ in ways both big and small. Collectively, We Can all Make a Difference As noted in Todd Cushing’s recent article in Digital Infra Network, “Significant progress can be built on the back of widespread, iterative change — even if those changes start small. Every movement starts somewhere.” [...]

Guiding a Sea Change in the Pursuit of Green Data2021-08-12T10:29:20-05:00

Catching up with KsFiberNet and 1623 Farnam


Our interconnected ecosystem is kicking it into overdrive with lots of growth this year. Be sure to tune in to our latest customer video where Todd Cushing welcomed Bruce Garrison, President and CEO of KsFiberNet (KFN). You can hear directly from Bruce as to the value this communications and infrastructure provider is bringing to the market, especially for the healthcare, finance, government, education and mobile sectors. Operating 4,000 fiber route miles network in Kansas, KFN recently expanded into adjacent markets, including an expansion into our 1623 Farnam data center. As Bruce noted, “not all data centers are created equally.” And...we couldn’t agree more! Bruce emphasized how important it is for [...]

Catching up with KsFiberNet and 1623 Farnam2021-07-30T13:24:43-05:00

1623 Farnam’s Robust Interconnection Ecosystem Helps Enterprises and Service Providers Leverage the Cloud


Omaha, NE – June 22 2021 – 1623 Farnam, a regional leader in network-neutral edge interconnection and data center services, announces the growth of its hybrid multicloud ecosystem. The company has established itself as an industry leader by equipping its customers and partners with the tools and resources needed to optimally leverage a plethora of cloud platforms.As digital transformations continue to heighten requirements on enterprise IT, many organizations are not only moving to the cloud, but distributing workloads across multiple cloud platforms. Combining public and private cloud environments enables greater cost optimization, scalability, reliability, redundancy and availability, offering a tailored solution for individualized data requirements. It’s for this reason that [...]

1623 Farnam’s Robust Interconnection Ecosystem Helps Enterprises and Service Providers Leverage the Cloud2021-06-28T10:30:52-05:00

How Low Can You Go? Low Latency with Google Cloud Marketplace


With access to more than 50 carriers, service providers and cloud providers, along with direct access to the Omaha IX peering exchange, our data center is the prime spot for enterprises striving to bolster network routes and access low-latency interconnection. In fact, we’ve seen recent record traffic in our Omaha IX location, based on data being exchanged at peak traffic times. Peering status in the Omaha IX creates faster throughput and exchange of information among enterprises and traffic routes. Here’s where the value really builds, though: Enter peer Google, stage left, to the mix. Google has made a strong commitment to the Silicon Prairie, announcing its own new data center [...]

How Low Can You Go? Low Latency with Google Cloud Marketplace2021-06-14T15:32:29-05:00

Staying in the Green: What Hyperscale Moves Tell us About Nebraska’s Energy Offering


Choosing the right home for data — and for the infrastructure that contains and transfers it — is a task that seeks to meet an array of different needs. Ideal climates, protection against natural disasters, access to underlying fiber and proximity to key end users are all factors that remain top of mind for workload placement. Still, as data grows as a prime asset across our digital world (and as data centers remain a key area for environmental improvement), sustainability has risen to the forefront as a top IT infrastructure consideration. In an effort to meet this need and leverage greener energy, Google has been in the midst of a [...]

Staying in the Green: What Hyperscale Moves Tell us About Nebraska’s Energy Offering2021-06-16T15:46:24-05:00
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