Peering 101 – What is peering, anyway?


Want to learn more about peering? Here’s a quick run down of the key aspects and benefits. What is peering, anyway? Sometimes called network peering or internet peering, peering at its most basic definition is when networks interconnect, allowing them to exchange traffic. At its core, it is about the transmitting and sharing of data. With a typical internet connection – what’s called a transit connection – network operators (or end users) purchase the connection from someone else and pay to have their network traffic carried for them. In a peering setup, there are no third parties and no additional charges beyond the costs associated with powering the necessary routers [...]

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The Edge Ecosystem in 2021


Trends for the year ahead for Data Centers and Beyond The beginning of a new year is always exciting. Industry experts begin to gauge which of their predictions look like they might become a reality, and which may take some more time to develop. This year in particular is an interesting one, as we can start to take stock of some of the shifting trajectories the pandemic introduced in 2020. As we journey forward into a new year, what will 2021 bring? Here are some trends we expect to see as ones to watch. Content is Still King But Revamping Network Architectures Reigns Supreme CDNs are driving major demand for [...]

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30 Years of Gaming and What It Means for Colocation


When Amazon announced its new game streaming service, it joined other heavyweights Google, Sony, Microsoft, Electronic Arts, and plenty of others launching gaming subscription services. The world of video games is about to enter a new era. What does that mean for networks and interconnection? Sometimes, talking about how we got here is instructive in forecasting where we’re going. Let’s take a look into the past of gaming to help us understand the present and the future. Let’s start in the mid-eighties - in what gamers call the third generation of gaming – to see what lessons we can learn and the future of cloud gaming. The controllers have changed [...]

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The Case for Colocation at 1623 Farnam


IT infrastructure has become even more critical than ever.  Whether you are a mid-size company or large enterprise, you need to be able to connect to a reliable network that has a low risk of downtime and do so cost effectively. So, how can you achieve all of this? Consider colocation. Why Colocation?  Technology is evolving every day, and so is the amount of data that we create. Your business’ workloads are increasing constantly, which can put a strain on your on-site infrastructure -including elements such as power, network connectivity, and even ensuring you have ample cooling. So, what do you do when you’ve exhausted or nearing the capacity of [...]

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Are Enterprises Moving Away From Colocation?


Colocation has long been a steady presence in the world of enterprise IT solutions. With the rise of the public cloud many predicted a decline in this kind of interconnection services. Instead, the converse is true: colocation is booming and does not look to slow any time soon. The interconnection market is growing, especially for larger organizations. Data centers across the board are spending more on their facilities as more enterprise businesses are using more colocation services than ever before. Rather than threaten or replace it, public cloud adoption has spurred the demand for colocation. As the cloud surges, so too does colocation. So what gives? To read more about [...]

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Stay Cool and Efficient with Hot Aisle Containment


Providing adequate cooling in a data center can quickly become a costly endeavor. It is a critical function to ensure your equipment is running efficiently and does not overheat. Cooling can account for a large percentage of a data center’s power consumption. That means high power costs for you and ultimately your customers. So, how do you keep those costs down? Consider hot aisle containment. But what is hot aisle containment? Hot Aisle Containment is a method of data center cooling that directs hot air to specific aisles in the data center to prevent it from mixing with cool air. The hot air is directed back to the air handlers. [...]

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