If you’ve been keeping up with 1623 Farnam’s updates, you’ve probably heard of our data center expansion. At $40 million, this renovation is helping us to better support the +5 million eyeballs we serve while paving the way for even greater regional, national and international network reach (an all-important aspect in today’s age of connectivity). Still, we know that this expansion tells a story that transcends our own four walls — and we’re thrilled to see the Midlands Business Journal help us tell that story.

The growth at our interconnected edge facility is a testament to our hometown’s own growing eminence and role in the greater digital world. Nebraska is now the 15th fastest-growing technology state  — and we couldn’t be more excited to be a part of this trajectory as both a witness and a facilitator. Omaha-area providers and specialists have been instrumental in this project, and without this strategic hub, we wouldn’t be able to uniquely serve the evolving needs of customers in the area and beyond.

As this region gains momentum, so do demands on data and networks — and so does 1623 Farnam. We look forward to driving advancements for our team, our customers, our home state of Nebraska and the greater telecom landscape.

To learn more about 1623 Farnam and its evolving role in the Omaha technology landscape, check out the full article in the Midlands Business Journal.