1623 Farnam is proud to announce our new membership with the KC Tech Council. We are excited to team with an organization that does so much for technology companies throughout the Midwest. Being a part of the council’s activities presents much more than just the opportunity to interact with a robust community of tech member organizations and leaders. The council’s three pillars of focus are:

  • IT policy thought leadership
  • IT workforce development
  • IT community building

Although the KC Tech Council’s work primarily centers in the Midwest, the council’s scope often broadens to a national level as council members occasionally work in DC as experts on issues like data privacy. For instance, earlier this year marked the KC Tech Council’s fourth time being involved in a fly-in meeting with legislators to discuss and advise on pertinent tech issues like 5G transitioning, California’s law AB-5, and secure public infrastructure.

1623 Farnam’s very own Greg Elliott is a longstanding contributor to the council and sits on the board of directors. He joins The KC Tech Council’s president Ryan Weber, who was recently named chair of The Technology Councils of North America (TECNA), a international board of 60 IT and technology trade organizations that represent a network of more than 22,000 tech employers. Stay tuned for future news regarding the great tech community initiatives taking place in the Midwest through 1623 Farnam and the KC Tech Council.