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The Future is Now: Why the Edge Matters to AR/VR’s Cross-Industry Impact


Whether it’s to connect or educate people, deliver pure enjoyment or life-saving services, virtual and augmented reality have taken center stage during the pandemic. While AR and VR are different, both offer immense benefits to every industry. Companies around the world are embracing both AR and VR technologies to deliver the same, or better, user experiences in the absence of in-person services. Here are some of the industries learning to maximize the benefits of augmented and virtual reality — when they have access to the low latency and capacity that edge computing and data centers like 1623 Farnam provide. Healthcare: An analysis from MarketsandMarkets predicted an annual AR/VR investment growth [...]

The Future is Now: Why the Edge Matters to AR/VR’s Cross-Industry Impact2021-07-30T13:25:28-05:00

Why Cultivating Connectivity Fabrics at the Edge Matters (And the Secret to Success)


The innovative applications and business-redefining technology use cases cropping up across the world are highly diverse — but they all are, at their core, in pursuit of one thing: consistent, reliable and highly gratifying user experiences.  Whether it’s IoT capabilities delivering new insights for factory floors in manufacturing, AI-driven enhancements for patient data and treatments in healthcare, or Virtual Reality entertainment in the home, the new digital world is being architected to deliver ease, proficiency — even delight. These optimized user experiences, however, can only be built on the back of robust infrastructure foundations.  When the landscape of technology has become so user-centric, IT infrastructure must follow that lead. The [...]

Why Cultivating Connectivity Fabrics at the Edge Matters (And the Secret to Success)2021-08-18T10:02:55-05:00

KsFiberNet Extends Fiber to 1623 Farnam


We are proud to support our partners and carriers, check out the latest from KSFiberNet! Through this partnership, KSFiberNet will be able to provide reliable fiber access from Kansas to our Omaha data center, as well as an express connection for Cloud Services including Azure, AWS, Google Cloud, and more. Read the full story.

KsFiberNet Extends Fiber to 1623 Farnam2021-06-29T15:24:32-05:00

1623 Farnam’s Robust Interconnection Ecosystem Helps Enterprises and Service Providers Leverage the Cloud


Omaha, NE – June 22 2021 – 1623 Farnam, a regional leader in network-neutral edge interconnection and data center services, announces the growth of its hybrid multicloud ecosystem. The company has established itself as an industry leader by equipping its customers and partners with the tools and resources needed to optimally leverage a plethora of cloud platforms.As digital transformations continue to heighten requirements on enterprise IT, many organizations are not only moving to the cloud, but distributing workloads across multiple cloud platforms. Combining public and private cloud environments enables greater cost optimization, scalability, reliability, redundancy and availability, offering a tailored solution for individualized data requirements. It’s for this reason that [...]

1623 Farnam’s Robust Interconnection Ecosystem Helps Enterprises and Service Providers Leverage the Cloud2021-06-28T10:30:52-05:00

How Low Can You Go? Low Latency with Google Cloud Marketplace


With access to more than 50 carriers, service providers and cloud providers, along with direct access to the Omaha IX peering exchange, our data center is the prime spot for enterprises striving to bolster network routes and access low-latency interconnection. In fact, we’ve seen recent record traffic in our Omaha IX location, based on data being exchanged at peak traffic times. Peering status in the Omaha IX creates faster throughput and exchange of information among enterprises and traffic routes. Here’s where the value really builds, though: Enter peer Google, stage left, to the mix. Google has made a strong commitment to the Silicon Prairie, announcing its own new data center [...]

How Low Can You Go? Low Latency with Google Cloud Marketplace2021-06-14T15:32:29-05:00

Staying in the Green: What Hyperscale Moves Tell us About Nebraska’s Energy Offering


Choosing the right home for data — and for the infrastructure that contains and transfers it — is a task that seeks to meet an array of different needs. Ideal climates, protection against natural disasters, access to underlying fiber and proximity to key end users are all factors that remain top of mind for workload placement. Still, as data grows as a prime asset across our digital world (and as data centers remain a key area for environmental improvement), sustainability has risen to the forefront as a top IT infrastructure consideration. In an effort to meet this need and leverage greener energy, Google has been in the midst of a [...]

Staying in the Green: What Hyperscale Moves Tell us About Nebraska’s Energy Offering2021-06-16T15:46:24-05:00

Why You Need To Leverage The Multicloud


Multicloud has very quickly become a huge buzzword in the enterprise space, with more and more businesses adopting their own multicloud strategy. Still wondering what multicloud is? Simply put, it is when a business strategically implements multiple clouds, usually a mix of public and private, to optimize their workloads and operate as efficiently as possible. But why exactly is this a worthwhile endeavor? Let’s explore! The Multicloud is Agile, Flexible and Scalable Some of the most prominent benefits of the multicloud is how flexible it allows you to be. When developing your multicloud strategy, you can pick and choose exactly which services and features will serve you best and leverage [...]

Why You Need To Leverage The Multicloud2021-05-10T11:46:37-05:00

Hurdles to Mass AR/VR Adoption and How to Clear Them


Augmented and Virtual Realities (AR or VR) go hand-in-hand with disruptive potential. These reality-bending technologies present a level of innovation and versatility that can fundamentally change how industries operate or how value is delivered to users. Whether it’s advanced medicine for healthcare or immersive learning in education, the Extended Reality segment presents some of the most exciting applications of our time — so why haven’t we seen AR/VR take off yet? In truth, before we can realize existing potential at the intersection of real and virtual worlds, there is a lot of infrastructural development that has to be accomplished first. Nevertheless, the first step to overcoming any obstacle is understanding [...]

Hurdles to Mass AR/VR Adoption and How to Clear Them2021-05-10T11:34:14-05:00

The Gamer’s Edge Revisited


Traditional multiplayer games, such as Fortnite, Minecraft and World of Warcraft connect you with players in your own home or across the globe. Part of the challenge and thrill of playing comes with the reacting to the unexpected delivered by interacting with other gamers. You connect to the platform via your internet connection and the graphics are processed on your gaming device. <Just for fun, you can check out a list of the hottest multiplayer games HERE.> Conversely, cloud gaming is gaining momentum and allows players to access and play video games over a live streamed connection. Tech giants such as Google, Xbox and Amazon are all in a race [...]

The Gamer’s Edge Revisited2021-05-05T10:10:34-05:00

Arvig: A Success Story from the 1623 Farnam Ecosystem


One of the most exciting things about working and driving connectivity at the edge is the constant progress we see — not only for 1623 Farnam’s own initiatives, but for our partners’ as well. Arvig, a provider of high-speed internet and more to businesses and homes, is one of those partners that we have been so pleased to support on its growth trajectory. Currently connected to 18 data centers across the Midwest, Arvig is on a mission to constantly expand its network reach to support a growing number of customers and their digital communications requirements. To do so, they’re always looking to develop their data center fabric by building strategic [...]

Arvig: A Success Story from the 1623 Farnam Ecosystem2021-05-05T09:51:34-05:00
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