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The Next Edge Frontier


Once, taking workloads to the edge was considered the new frontier of IT advantage — a wild west where only the bold and pioneering set up camp. Now that adoption has ramped up as the benefits of edge computing are more well known, the question becomes: If everyone is doing it, is there really anything left to talk about? Definitely. Without a doubt. IT demands are making edge computing even more important than ever for all of the right reasons. Ultra low latency, improved network performance are all in service of the new era of digital initiatives.  While it may be becoming the standard, it doesn’t mean it’s any less [...]

The Next Edge Frontier2021-08-24T09:55:59-05:00

Don’t Get Caught by These Common Multicloud Challenges


By now, you’ve heard how a good multicloud strategy can help your business and address a plethora of IT challenges. But what about the challenges that come along with the deployment of multicloud itself? If you want to be sure that you are experiencing the full benefits of your multicloud strategy, make sure you’re prepared for these four common challenges. Low Costs, If You’re Strategic We’ve shared how implementing a multicloud strategy to support your IT infrastructure can help you lower your costs — but to do so, your strategy must be deployed strategically. Leveraging multiple clouds to support your various workloads can be less expensive than adding servers or [...]

Don’t Get Caught by These Common Multicloud Challenges2021-08-18T13:59:05-05:00

What’s New In Interconnection?


Telecom carriers, colocation and data center providers, and internet exchanges have quickly pivoted to increase capacity and expand network routes. The reliance on connectivity means more tech advancements and innovative capabilities. Workloads are becoming more and more sensitive to latency. AR/VR, AI, and cloud gaming are all proof that data needs to be processed as close to the end user as possible, but also in a very secure way. These types of technologies are completely redefining the way we do business. These new technologies need high-quality network architecture, low latency routes, and global peering capabilities. All of these aspects rely on the foundation of rich, robust interconnection. But...then what? Hyperscalers [...]

What’s New In Interconnection?2021-08-16T14:55:03-05:00

Guiding a Sea Change in the Pursuit of Green Data


Working towards a green future is an important movement happening across the globe. As data centers continue to serve as the home to the internet and the infrastructure that supports it, they only become more essential in the global communications green equation. So, it makes sense that we are seeing a growing trend for data centers to do their part in ‘greening up’ in ways both big and small. Collectively, We Can all Make a Difference As noted in Todd Cushing’s recent article in Digital Infra Network, “Significant progress can be built on the back of widespread, iterative change — even if those changes start small. Every movement starts somewhere.” [...]

Guiding a Sea Change in the Pursuit of Green Data2021-08-12T10:29:20-05:00

1623 Farnam President Todd Cushing Discusses the Edge Market


For some time now, edge data centers have created quite a bit of buzz within the data center industry. With the rise of loT, Smart Cities, and 5G deployment, many believe that edge data centers are the answer to effectively processing high volumes of data while still maintaining low latency. Todd Cushing, President of 1623 Farnam was able to join a panel of data center and telecom experts to share his expertise on these topics during this month’s JSA Virtual Round Table. Moderated by Fedor Smith, the panel included Doug Recker, Founder & President, EdgePresence, Mark Thiele, CEO & Founder, Edgevana, Jason Bourg, Vice President of Sales, EdgeMicro, Krystyna Witt, [...]

1623 Farnam President Todd Cushing Discusses the Edge Market2021-07-30T13:33:34-05:00

Catching up with KsFiberNet and 1623 Farnam


Our interconnected ecosystem is kicking it into overdrive with lots of growth this year. Be sure to tune in to our latest customer video where Todd Cushing welcomed Bruce Garrison, President and CEO of KsFiberNet (KFN). You can hear directly from Bruce as to the value this communications and infrastructure provider is bringing to the market, especially for the healthcare, finance, government, education and mobile sectors. Operating 4,000 fiber route miles network in Kansas, KFN recently expanded into adjacent markets, including an expansion into our 1623 Farnam data center. As Bruce noted, “not all data centers are created equally.” And...we couldn’t agree more! Bruce emphasized how important it is for [...]

Catching up with KsFiberNet and 1623 Farnam2021-07-30T13:24:43-05:00

Edge Data Centers – The Future’s Forefront


As the world continues to implement high-speed-dependent applications like 5G and the Internet of Things, networking and IT require rich ecosystems at the edge. To make these latency-sensitive solutions work, computing needs to be as close to the end user as possible. But what does that actually look like? And are all data centers created equal? Well...not quite.Check out our recent feature in Telecom Review that explains what an edge data center is (and isn’t), the different types of data centers, as well as what the future looks like for edge computing. Read it here.

Edge Data Centers – The Future’s Forefront2021-08-18T09:53:02-05:00

The Future is Now: Why the Edge Matters to AR/VR’s Cross-Industry Impact


Whether it’s to connect or educate people, deliver pure enjoyment or life-saving services, virtual and augmented reality have taken center stage during the pandemic. While AR and VR are different, both offer immense benefits to every industry. Companies around the world are embracing both AR and VR technologies to deliver the same, or better, user experiences in the absence of in-person services. Here are some of the industries learning to maximize the benefits of augmented and virtual reality — when they have access to the low latency and capacity that edge computing and data centers like 1623 Farnam provide. Healthcare: An analysis from MarketsandMarkets predicted an annual AR/VR investment growth [...]

The Future is Now: Why the Edge Matters to AR/VR’s Cross-Industry Impact2021-07-30T13:25:28-05:00

Why Cultivating Connectivity Fabrics at the Edge Matters (And the Secret to Success)


The innovative applications and business-redefining technology use cases cropping up across the world are highly diverse — but they all are, at their core, in pursuit of one thing: consistent, reliable and highly gratifying user experiences.  Whether it’s IoT capabilities delivering new insights for factory floors in manufacturing, AI-driven enhancements for patient data and treatments in healthcare, or Virtual Reality entertainment in the home, the new digital world is being architected to deliver ease, proficiency — even delight. These optimized user experiences, however, can only be built on the back of robust infrastructure foundations.  When the landscape of technology has become so user-centric, IT infrastructure must follow that lead. The [...]

Why Cultivating Connectivity Fabrics at the Edge Matters (And the Secret to Success)2021-08-18T10:02:55-05:00

KsFiberNet Extends Fiber to 1623 Farnam


We are proud to support our partners and carriers, check out the latest from KSFiberNet! Through this partnership, KSFiberNet will be able to provide reliable fiber access from Kansas to our Omaha data center, as well as an express connection for Cloud Services including Azure, AWS, Google Cloud, and more. Read the full story.

KsFiberNet Extends Fiber to 1623 Farnam2021-06-29T15:24:32-05:00
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