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Making the Cloud Work for You: Customized Connections for All


These days, everyone wants everything to be customized to their preferences. We want to choose what we do and don’t put on our burgers, we want to make the background on our phone representative of what we love, and we want to curate our social media feeds to show us what’s most interesting to us. Doesn’t it make sense then that, when it comes to IT (arguably the most crucial facet of today’s global business), we’d want it to be fully tailored too? Users want things to be customized to their unique specifications, and certainly, as specifications across digital business and platforms become more nuanced and individualized, it’s vital that [...]

Making the Cloud Work for You: Customized Connections for All2022-10-14T12:53:41-05:00

What the 5G Future of Concerts Means for Networks: 1623 Farnam VP Discusses with Telecom Ramblings


Game engines such as Fortnite and Minecraft launched massive, interactive virtual concerts over the past few years, bringing the music industry to the next level. What do live shows and XR technology's future look like for those attending a concert? And what does that future mean for those bringing 5G to the edge? Technology is quickly changing how listeners experience live concerts with immersive screens, XR, hologram, and projection systems that can amp up augmented reality for a new generation of concert attendees. For genuinely interactive concert experiences, these applications demand expectations for real-time data speed that are typically handled at the edge. In addition, shows will be enhanced by [...]

What the 5G Future of Concerts Means for Networks: 1623 Farnam VP Discusses with Telecom Ramblings2022-10-04T15:42:19-05:00

1623 Farnam’s 2022 Meet in the Middle Event


Another successful Meet in the Middle event is in the books for 1623 Farnam, and this year was bigger and better than ever! The invitation-only event kicked off with a Wednesday evening happy hour at the Green Room. Guests enjoyed a night full of networking with executives from leading carriers, content, network, engineering, construction, and equipment companies across the U.S., and ended with a tour of our newly renovated, state-of-the-art data center facility.  The main event kicked off on Thursday with guests partaking in a challenging scavenger hunt throughout our beautiful Downtown Omaha, and during which guests enjoyed lunch at the Omaha Tap House. Following the scavenger hunt, guests made [...]

1623 Farnam’s 2022 Meet in the Middle Event2022-09-23T09:11:08-05:00

Unleashing the Full Value of Next-Gen IT: The Key to it All


As rapid, multi-industry advances reshape the way our world communicates, operates, educates and finds entertainment, technologies like AI, IoT, VR and a whole lot of other acronyms have taken the world by storm. However, as we look to truly harness the power of these technologies and adapt them to a dynamic world, the edge data center remains king.  Edge data centers have been a much-discussed facet of IT due to their importance in getting the right levels of latency and speed for tomorrow’s fast-paced, data-intensive applications — but not all edge data centers are created equal. That’s because not all edge data centers have data gravity.  Many may know data [...]

Unleashing the Full Value of Next-Gen IT: The Key to it All2022-08-03T11:47:19-05:00

Don’t-Miss Tips on Cloud, Connectivity and Digital Transformation


Digital transformation has become a well-worn term across all business environments. In today’s day and age, IT transformations have become imperative to keep pace with new technologies and new demands from customers. Nevertheless, as the digital world evolves, so do the digital transformations that businesses are undertaking. As a result, questions remain pervasive — even among experienced and tech-savvy organizations.  That’s why 1623 Farnam recently joined forces with Great Plains Communications, a leader in providing fiber-driven services and technology solutions to enterprise, carrier, and residential customers across the Midwest and beyond; and VMware, a company offering a breadth of digital solutions that powers apps, services, and experiences, to deliver insights. [...]

Don’t-Miss Tips on Cloud, Connectivity and Digital Transformation2022-08-01T10:33:22-05:00

On the Leading Edge: 1623 Farnam President Showcases Upgrades with RunReady Magazine


1623 Farnam was proud to show off our $40M upgraded data center to RunReady Magazine.  It is through our strong partnership with NMC Cat, one of the very best in the industry, offering high quality Caterpillar equipment, that we are able to provide first-class service, maximum uptime and superior data center and infrastructure support to our amazing customers. Recently, we were featured in an article in RunReady Magazine. Todd Cushing, President of 1623 Farnam had this to say: “Omaha has grown a lot because of these hyperscale data centers. Anybody that’s doing anything in fintech (financial technology) has a large presence in Omaha. And the reason is it’s the edge—it’s [...]

On the Leading Edge: 1623 Farnam President Showcases Upgrades with RunReady Magazine2022-07-19T11:46:00-05:00

Your Digital Rewind: Don’t Miss This Webinar Guide to Optimal Edge Interconnection


On June 16, 2022, 1623 Farnam teamed up with its new partner, leading Network-as-a-Service platform PacketFabric, to deliver a webinar on ‘Building an Optimal Edge Interconnection Architecture for Digital Transformation.’ Throughout the course of this session, attendees garnered insights into how they can cultivate a connectivity and cloud framework that future-proofs their business objectives, helps them leverage a robust network for latency and speed advantages and ultimately sets them up for ongoing success. Opportunities to learn about mission-critical digital transformation strategies from leading edge data centers and carrier-class cloud connectivity providers are a must-do for any forward-thinking organization — and this webinar certainly packed a punch.  Included in this discussion [...]

Your Digital Rewind: Don’t Miss This Webinar Guide to Optimal Edge Interconnection2022-06-27T13:07:49-05:00

PacketFabric Launches Multi-Cloud Connectivity at 1623 Farnam


Latest Addition to Growing 1623 Ecosystem Boosts Midwest Interconnection Options Omaha, NE – June 7, 2022 – 1623 Farnam, a regional leader in network-neutral, edge interconnection and data center services, announces that PacketFabric, a highly scalable Network-as-a-Service (NaaS) platform delivering on-demand, carrier-class private, hybrid and multi-cloud connectivity in minutes, has joined 1623’s rapidly growing ecosystem. This strategic match brings PacketFabric closer to its customers in the Midwest and boosts connectivity options for tenants at 1623 Farnam. “Digital businesses are continuously looking for ways to improve user experience delivery, and latency matters,” said Jezzibell Gilmore, co-founder and Chief Commercial Officer at PacketFabric. “We’re delighted to work with 1623 Farnam, offer our [...]

PacketFabric Launches Multi-Cloud Connectivity at 1623 Farnam2022-06-07T08:01:19-05:00

All Roads Lead to Omaha – Learn Why Google And Others Are Upgrading Their Presence at 1623 Farnam


1623 Farnam President Todd Cushing and Greg Elliott, vice president of business development, took a few moments out of their busy meeting schedule at International Telecoms Week 2022 to catch up with Jaymie Scotto Cutaia of JSA TV. After recapping an eventful 2021 that saw the remodeling of 1623’s 9-story, 76,000 square-foot network-neutral edge data center in Omaha, Nebraska, with new power and cooling, as well as a building boom among hyperscalers wanting to increase their presence in Omaha’s thriving connectivity hub, Todd and Bill look forward to continued growth in 2022 and beyond. Todd notes the recent announcement that Google is building a new data center in the Omaha [...]

All Roads Lead to Omaha – Learn Why Google And Others Are Upgrading Their Presence at 1623 Farnam2022-05-24T15:51:42-05:00

More Content, More Connectivity — We’re Turning Up Our Ecosystem with Akamai


When 1623 Farnam recently asked tenants what they wanted most from the facility, the answers were clear – access to more content and high-value peering opportunities. 1623 asked. The tenants answered. And we delivered — not only with a recent major hyperscaler network turn-up, but with another high-value ecosystem expansion to boot. In May, 1623 announced  a key hyperscaler had upgraded its 1623 port from 40G to 100G, delivering a major expansion and offering a slew of new networking and peering opportunities in the 1623 ecosystem. But as promised, 1623 didn’t stop there. The company has just announced another major expansion that will greatly benefit 1623 tenants. Akamai Technologies, Inc., [...]

More Content, More Connectivity — We’re Turning Up Our Ecosystem with Akamai2022-05-20T11:30:06-05:00
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